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WHAT HAPPENED HERE? Here's the deal: there's so much art in this studio that the task of listing things became a giant scary monster. So, here it is. It's not perfect. But it's here. And it's manageable. And it's easier to add to. EVERYTHING LOOKS NICER IN REAL LIFE. Especially NEON. But you'll have to take my word for that.

WHERE DID THE PRINTS GO? CLICK HERE! Don't worry! There are still prints and by hosting them at CRATED they are better than ever you have more choices (and better shipping options!)

Sometimes. For a short time, I will be taking commissions for #kbscript. Depending on how many orders I get - this listing will be closed NOVEMBER 15, 2014.

Sometimes. See above.

YES! These posters were so popular that they NOW HAVE THEIR OWN SITE so they can be available ALL THE TIME. Booyah! Beautiful, customizable + easier than ever. Check them out. YOUareAWESOMEco.com

WHAT IS GALLERY WRAPPED CANVAS? Gallery wrapped canvas is canvas wrapped around 1.5-2 inch stretcher bars. It does not require framing and is fixed with a hanging wire at the back.

HOW SHOULD ACRYLIC PAINTINGS BE TREATED? Carefully. Do not hang them in direct sunlight in an area where they might be splashed or touched. Don't hang them in the shower. Or even the garage. Light feather dusting can be done, but otherwise they should be handled minimally to maintain their beauty.

WHAT IS ACRYLIC ENAMEL? Acrylic Enamel is a very durable form of acrylic paint. It's waterproof and can withstand a gentle wiping with a wet cloth. This type of painting is best for high traffic areas or spaces where little fingers may be present.

CAN I FIND MY OWN SHIPPING QUOTE FOR ORIGINAL PAINTINGS? Absolutely. We are happy to package your painting for pickup if you would like to arrange shipping on your own. We do, however, not accept responsibility for damages.

HOW WILL THINGS BE SHIPPED? We use CanadaPost to ship our items. We do our best to get things in the mail within 3-5 business days. If you require a faster service please send us a note along with your order and we will will do our best to accommodate.

DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY? Yes, but it takes a little longer to get there so please have patience. CanadaPost (our default shipping method) is not speedy. If you would prefer a faster shipping method - please contact me so I can make arrangements and find the most accurate fees for your location.

WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE? kalbarteski.com